Through the years, we have gained vast experience in eCommerce development and enhancing performance.

Our expert team will ensure that your online store’s performance improves through Ruby on Rails.

It will be possible to meet your business needs as ROR will improve your management system.


With React.JS, you will be able to split pages and features and make them into smaller, reusable components. If you want your website’s functionality to be on the same level as Netflix or Airbnb, talk to us.

Reasons why you need React.JS Development for your business

To facilitate the process of component writing

With React.JS, it will be simple to write your components as it allows HTML quoting. It will also show informative warning or error messages which will prevent code injections.

To boost productivity and makes room for further maintenance

With React.JS, you will be able to conduct future updates. It will be possible to reuse your system’s components using React.JS.

To allow faster rendering

The overall performance of your website will get enhanced through React.JS. Though there will be some annoying bottlenecks, the performance will be better.

To maintain a stable code

Through React.JS, any changes made will affect a particular component and not the entire website structure. This will help to maintain code stability and enhance app performance.

It is SEO-friendly

With React.JS, you will no longer fear that some search engines will no read your JavaScript-heavy app. React will run on the servers and turn your virtual DOM into a regular webpage which will make it readable.

It is easy to learn

React.JS focuses on a specific task and how to perfectly get it done which makes it very easy to learn and use. All you will need is to familiarize yourself with its components, props, and life cycle.


Our JavaScript development company Toronto provides customized JavaScript development services for all our clients.

With this, you will enjoy a clear structure for your website, links that are recognizable, and a great structure.

Whether yours is a web page, web portal, custom JavaScript Framework, or a custom plugin, we are at your service. With JavaScript, you will be able to:

  • Incorporate several dynamic effects like slideshow, image rollover, new scroller, toggle button, and text collapsing. You will be able to embed audios and videos.
  • Enjoy exceptional rollover effect, datagrid behavior, bookmark integration, flash chart, and chat applications.
  • Validate data submitted by users on the website form and on the widget meant for interactive event notifications.

Perl Development

The popularity of Perl with CGI scripting is growing by the day.

With Pixaflo’s Perl development team, you will have a customized app set up for you.

You will be able to use it for graphics programming, network programming, bioinformatics, and system programming, among other transactions. Due to its ability to manipulate text and the fast development cycle, you can use Perl in app development and system administration.

This is why you need our Perl development services:

Enhanced usability
With Perl, you will be able to write more readable Perl codes.

Simpler grammar
The is a huge reduction in the number of reserved words and the grammar rules are improved.

You will be able to use your Perl library among different packages as it is more defined.

Online Product Catalog Website

Instead of printing thousands of catalogs for your business, a process that will cost a fortune, talk to us.

Pixaflo Marketing web designers will make a catalog website at an affordable price.

With this, you will be able to showcase your catalogs in one place which will boost your sales. We will be available to update your catalog when a need arises.

Your customers won’t have to wait until you meet to get your catalog. We will make business easier for you and this will increase sales.


E-Commerce Web Development

A great eCommerce design will turn every visitor into a customer. Our eCommerce web designers will make the purchasing process faster, easier, and simpler.

We will optimize your website so that you will reap from your online advertisement. Your visitors will not just click and leave, they will become returning customers.

With Pixaflo’s web design team, your conversions will grow from nothing to unbelievable numbers!

Some of the eCommerce platforms you can choose from are:


The rate at which Magento is growing makes it a great option for your online store. Our professionals will help you design your stores, develop landing pages, and ensure it’s functioning.


With JOOMLA you will get numerous free extension and templates that will make your site customizable. Based on your needs, our digital consulting Toronto team will develop your site.
With our experience, we will ensure that your site stands out and generates increased leads which mean increased revenue.


If you need a platform that is easy to use, Pixaflo web developers are capable. Shopify is a secure site and will be a good fit for small and big businesses.Our experts will create a platform that will meet your needs and that of your clients.
We will take care of the technical details as you work on improving your brand.

Shopify Web Development

Our digital marketing Toronto team has over 7 years of experience in creating Shopify website designs. This makes us your best option for this task.

To us, having a good-looking Shopify website isn’t all it takes, you need one that has a great user experience. A website that will exceed your business goals and aspirations.

Whether you are in drop shipping, service provision, or a restaurant, we are up to the task. We will customize your Shopify website based on your brand.

Advantages of Shopify Website for Your Brand


To set up a Shopify website, you will need a minimal upfront fee. if you choose the free trial option, you can have your website running for 14 days, free of charge.

Great Marketing Tools

Shopify has wonderful marketing tools like SEO, discount codes, customized gift cards, and eCommerce analytics. Such tools will boost the growth of your brand at a minimal cost.

Great UX and UI Designs

Shopify provides the means of making a website look beautiful and irresistible. Anyone who accesses your website will have to make a purchase as he enjoys the beauty.

Secure and Reliable

The management monitors the site at all times to ensure that hackers won’t be able to access the websites. As you concentrate on building your brand, the Shopify team will be working hard to make sure that your website is safe.