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Pixaflo’s HTML5 web development experts will extend your website’s performance, reliability, and security.

This will ensure that your website will have an outstanding user experience.

We are able to handle your website development project regardless of the size and deliver it in HTML5. with us, you will get a dependable HTML5 solution that will optimize your website’s performance. Your website’s loading time will be faster as it will be responsive and capable of handling increased traffic.

Benefits of HTML5 for Your Website

Offline application cache

Offline application

For a HTML5-enabled website, it will be possible for visitors to access the pages previously visited when offline. With this, the loading of your website will be faster and the load on the server will decrease.
Incorporates great media elements

Incorporates great media elements

With HTML5, it will be possible to play audios or videos automatically. You will no longer need to use plugin tags to play audios and videos.
Affordable multi-platform development icon

Affordable multi-platform development

It will be possible to use one code batch on multiple platforms, devices, and on different markets. This will reduce the cost of developing and maintaining your website.

Better ranking on search engines

Due to the amazing structure of an HTML5, search engines will be able to read your page and this will improve its ranking.

Content marketing will bring fewer results if the structure of your website isn’t readable.


Since HTML5 supports geolocation, it will be possible for users to share their locations.
This will be very important if your services target a specific location.